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Kill The Wabbit

Kill the Wabbit. Today my friend almost killed a wabbit in his huge newspaper van. His name is Brian and he's a vegetarian. He would have been upset if he hit it. That's when we started singing "Kill the Wabbit" from that Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon that isn't on TV as much as it should be....
Neither one of us wants to kill the Wabbit but maybe somebody out there will........
If I pay them?
I'm going crazy which is really an odd feeling because when you realize you're going crazy it makes you feel like you're controlling it until somebody looks at you weird. Then you know you don't have it in control. Um? OK, if thats not understandable so much the better for me if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Hmmm.... maybe thats not such a good philosophy. Hmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm. I'm not really thinking or saying "hmmmm". Who says "hmmmmmmm"? Since when did "Hmmmmmm" become a word? How come you know what I mean when I say, "hmmmmmm". Its like a little more thoughtful than mumbling. Its a step above gibberish. And its supposed to imply deep thought. I don't think I've ever said "Hmmmmmm" aloud. Maybe I should stop thinking about that and get back to serious issues.
I crashed my parents car in a drunken bout with my own stupidity. I got caught for disorderly conduct on another date. I ran a stop sign and received a ticket for this too. These are expenses now. Which is very weird to think about it that way. I mean its not like i put my life in danger or broke the law or acted indecently in public but more like I'm buying a very expensive dishwasher (or other sort of big purchase) that I can't afford. On top of all this I'm completely loony. There is humor in this somewhere. I can feel it.
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