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some more hi

Today I had to go to court for something I'd rather not talk about. I also have to go to court on Friday for running a stop sign. This makes me look bad since this is only my second entry.... I'm not evil. All of this costs money. I also have to pay my parents $500 for crashing their car. I sound horrible I know. Altogether this makes up around $700. I'm trying to save up to buy a motorcycle for a cross country trip with no return date. I'm not paid very well but I like my job. Funds are lacking. And here is the real problem: I love lunch. I spend a ton of money every week on very good lunches. This will have to stop. I cry at night with thoughts of overpriced chicken wraps and heroes the size of infants dancing in my head. Why? Why on top of everything else did they make such good food so expensive? Lunch is my favorite. Please, will somebody buy me some lunch? I will trade all of my worldly possessions and approximately two digits off my left hand for a life time supply of lunch. This is all I ask of this cruel world.
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