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Yes? What? OK! Real Sue Bee Honey

Head kind of feels vaguely like warm porridge. Never had porridge before but am pretty certain of it's consistency. I am denying that this has anything to do with the bar I went to last night. Or to the fact that I only
......four hours of sleep last night. I am blaming the condition of my head on bad fortune. Ever get the feeling that the whole day was trying to kill you? I can tell you this: When you get this feeling there is no place for you to hide from it. My thoughts are scattering. Perhaps even scurrying. Electric pulses in my brain running about like drugged chipmunks. Earth Day was today or rather 27 minutes ago. It didn't seem to be much different than any other day aside from the fact that it was after my very life. I have no evidence today was trying to kill me. I just felt threatened. That made me depressed. The worst part of today was when I got real tired at the end of the day at the bookstore. I wanted coffee. Both coffee shops were closed. BOTH OF THEM. I had to settle for an Arizona Ginseng Tea with Real Sue Bee Honey that "Tastes Great Hot" but had no means to heat it and am not sure if the label is telling me the truth as I've never had Arizona Ginseng Tea with Real Sue Bee Honey hot. Had to drink it cold. Didn't wake me up. Didn't make me happy. But tasted good enough. Sometimes I realize I say things like "But tasted good enough" and I get embarassed for the people who have to listen to me talk like that. Imagine if you died and came back as a Piping Plover....... I don't think you'd be happy. One of the people I worked with did something funny today. His name is Jeff. My manager Jane was talking about the new Britney Spears book that came in. But she couldn't find it. She asked all of us if we knew what happened to it. I didn't remember it coming in, the other girl working didn't know, and Jeff said that it should be in the children's section. Jane looked around for a few minutes until Jeff finally confessed that he tried to return it. I'm too tired to tell that story properly and is probably not that funny of a story unless you work where i work and know the people I'm talking about....
I'm a glass of Orange Juice. Don't tip me over!!
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